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Recording & Mixing Techniques for Urban Music - (PRIVATE)
* Price is per person.

Attendees : Should bring a PT Session (or Stems) to the class as we will work on YOUR mix during class while we cover the topics below.

Class Covers:

*Best practices for Monitoring and Recording.
(Ex. How do you get the best recorded vocal,ext?)

*Proper Levels for mixing,gain staging & Sub grouping techniques.
(Ex. What are the best levels for drums in a track? How do I bring life to programed drums?)

* How to EQ Vocal to sit in a track.
(EX. What if I'm mixing vocals against a stereo track?, Compression Delay,Reverb techniques,ect)

* Advanced Compression (Side Chain Technique, Parallel "NY" Compression. (Ex. Using Side Chain w/ NY Compression to make a Kick cut through a mix)

* Automation techniques (Automate Effects,Volume for Vocals)

* Using Mid- SIde (M/S) processing .

* Using MIX Bus to "Glue" a mix together and get proper level.
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